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Welcome on the `Gizi csárda` inn's website, which represents an offer and an invitation for You, in the name of our staff.

Already from 1990 we were always open for guests, which we pampered with secler environment, dishes, hospitality, traditional housing.

Our complex of buildings was renovated in 2007, and is divided in two parts: the quarters are on the first floor, and the restaurant, the bar, the kitchen, the toilets, offices, deposits are situated on the pit.

The big saloon is ideal for big events such as: weddings, christenings, smaller conferences, high school meetings, different parties, and so on.

The saloon's atmosphere is given by the traditional furniture and the folksy objects from Corund. We must mention our lamp, which looks back to centuries of past, and originally was the property of the baron of Tarceni.

The musician's podium is also in the big saloon, entertaining our guests with live music from Thursday to Sunday.

The cutlery and the various articles also praise the work of masters of Corund.

Our inn has a total of nine rooms, which can accommodate 23 guests. Two of the rooms are suitable for 4 people, one of them is a triple room and we have six double rooms. We have two types of rooms.

Four of the nine rooms are furnished with traditional transilvanian folk decorations, like traditional painted furnitures, homemade woven rugs and handmade embroidered pillows and tablecloths.

The other five rooms are styled classical and simple. Each room has its own bathroom,television,wi-fi. 

The restaurant has 140 places, which are divided in two saloons:

- the big saloon with 125 places

- the protocol saloon with 15 places

The restaurant also features a counter, without sitting places. The wall of this bar is decorated with the picture of well-known personalities hosted by us, and with the numerous certificates, trophies and medals won on national and international competitions. Seasonally, mostly in the summertime we have the possibility to assure another 20 places in our summer-garden, where also the furnace is placed. Tgis is the place where we bake our bread served in the restaurant.

Harghita (Romanian pronunciation: [harˈɡita] (About this soundlisten), Hungarian: Hargita megye, pronounced [ˈhɒrɡitɒ]) is a county (județ) in the center of Romania, in eastern Transylvania, with the county seat at Miercurea Ciuc.

Harghita county has the highest percentage of Hungarians in Romania, just ahead of Covasna county. The Hungarians form the majority of the population in most of the county's municipalities, with Romanians concentrated in the northern and eastern part of the county (particularly Toplița and Bălan), as well as in the enclave of Voșlăbeni.
The Székelys of Harghita are mostly Roman Catholic, with Reformed and Unitarian minorities, while the ethnic Romanians are primarily Orthodox. Catholicism is strongest in the east, in the former Csíkszék, while Protestants are concentrated in the west, south and west of Odorheiu Secuiesc.
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